The Kibble Crew

The Kibble Crew
Bear & Baby
Bean (Tower)


Walking Path

Walking Path off Century Ave in Bismarck ND

Turtle Swimming

Vintage 50s and 60s Casual Dresses

Vintage 50s Pink Dress

Vintage 50s Floral Print Dress by Ben Art

Vintage 60s Floral Print Summer Dress XL

Vintage 50s Sheer Pink Dress by L’Aiglon

Vintage 50s Yellow Dress by H Bar C

Vintage 50s Plaid Print Dress

Vintage 50s Blue Bow Dress

Vintage 60s Butterfly Print Dress



Random Annoyances – In no particular order:

Dearest Dumb Dumb selling on Ebay: Your dress & matching shrug do NOT constitute a “vintage clothing lot”.  The two were made & sold together. 

Dearest Buyer: No, I don’t think you should buy this collectible, well-made vintage dress and tie-dye it.  Nor hack it off.  Not everything needs to be customized to fit your needs.

Dearest Average Facebook User: Please don’t comment on everything.  If you must comment, think about how it would sound if you said out loud what you are typing.  To another human being.


Okay, I couldn’t end on such a negative note, so here is a picture of me with my neighbor’s adorable dog.  I love dogs, but have none of my own.  I find I know my neighborhood by their dogs..I see the person and remember which dog is theirs.  🙂