Red White and Blue

‘Red White and Blue!’ by Jimminy

Holiday Weekend! Patriotic Times! Red White and Blue! Fun Stuff!

Nursery Art Print Children R…


Vintage Veresa by VERA Red W…


Microwave Potato Bag – Red, …


Patriotic red ribbon flip fl…


Ribbon Woven Headband – Patr…


Laminated inside City Mom Di…


Red White and Blue Rosettes/…


Fused Glass Coasters, Set of…


Vintage Red White and Blue 1…


Vintage 60s Red White Blue G…


Patriotic Red White and Blue…


SALE – Red White and Blue Do…


Red, White and Blue Flag 2&q…


24 Food Picks – Party Picks…


Patriotic Baby Beanie




Treasury tool supported by the dog house


Trip to the vet = Wrestling my cat


Just got home from the vet, which means it is time to clean MY wounds.  I can’t think of anything more dangerous than forcing a cat into a pet carrier.  My cats are the sweetest, most gentle creatures…but the carrier brings out their wolverine side.  I am covered in fur as well as scratches now, from rolling around trying to wrestle Spindle to the vet.  He does not understand it is for his own good.  One of our other cats, Bear, actually goes in to hiding when it is his day for the vet.  He can be found wedged in behind the washing machine, in the shower, under the bed…same places he hides from thunderstorms. And another cat, Bean, tends to poop in his carrier.  Ick.   When they are actually ON the examination table, they go back to their normal, loving selves.  They really charm and purr….they will even head butt the vet in greeting.  It seems the answer is to leash-train them, though they’d still need to be confined when in the vehicle..If anyone has a trick that works, feel free to comment!

‘Skyfall’ by wintergarden featuring my James Bond Sweater

‘Skyfall’ by wintergarden

Counting the days til my next 007 fix! Opens November 9th in North America!

Black Vintage Samsonite Suit…


Daniel Craig Original Art 9x…


Bond, James Bond – Hand Stam…


BOND James BOND PRINT on sal…




Secret Agent Party Straw Pen…


Woodcut – Lotus


Vintage 60s James Bond Mens …


A 10×8 colour photograph sig…


007 cufflinks – James Bond I…


Mens Tie From Moscow with Ti…


Silvery formal cuff links 19…


Smaller License to kill viny…


James Bond Aston Martin Lim…


Sean Connery 8X10 James Bond…


James Bond Bus Roll


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Fascinating interview with 102-year old woman. She talks about her life: saving a man’s life while a nurse, the Depression and Dust Bowl, war rationing, how they saved and made foods and more…I learned so much!

Das Gute Essen

Here’s an interview with a 102-year-old resident of the Strasburg nursing home.

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1930s and Prior

Obviously clothing from the years 1930s and prior is extremely difficult to find.   Antique shops will occasionally have some things but it is not often enough.  It is even more difficult to find items in wearable condition.  I have been lucky to find quite a bit of childrens’ clothing, shoes, and hats from the very early years.  I have a few Edwardian shirts (early 1900s) that boast a variety of laces.  I do have a Victorian (1837-1901) jacket and skirt, but I am not sure how I will display it for photos as the jacket seems to have a waist smaller than a coffee cup is round.  🙂  And such was the fashion, extremely tiny waist with full skirts and full bust.  I am thinking of the shape of a bird with its chest puffed out.  What I enjoy in the early clothing is the attention to detail.  Fine smocking, beautiful buttons, intricate lace.  I will share the items I have to give you a picture of the Victorian and Edwardian styles, as well as some 1930s items.  It is really fun to search these out online as I am sure most of us have not seen these styles much outside of movies and museums..

Victorian Boots

Edwardian Blouse – Lots of Lace

Vintage 30s Dress

1930s Dress

Style Queen Hat in my personal collection

1930s Dress

1930s Dress

30s Deco Coat

Vintage 30s Sheer Lace Dress

1920s Shoes










1940s – Polished & Pretty

When I think 40s I think long and lean.  Nice defined shoulders.  Shoes with a good heel.  A peplum at my waist is for sure a mistake, and yet they were made flattering in the 40s.  I have dealt with quite a few 40s skirt suits, which gave women a distinct polish.  Also I’ve had some sweet floral dresses, probably worn to church services.  None of these look out of place today and the look of the 40s has been copied and taken from in the following decades.

A lovely green floral dress

Vintage 40s Shoes

40s Green Dress
40s Green Jacket

40s Jerry Gilden Spectator Dress

40s Tailored Skirt Suit

40s Velvet Dress

Julette Original with Cross Buttons

Decorative Fringe and Conchos


Swag accent at waist

40s Beaded Stars

40s Two Piece Set

Black Peeptoe Heels

Vintage 40s Tailored Jacket

1950s Style

Some of my favorite dresses in my personal closet are 50s dresses and retro 50s dresses.  When I want to look completely pulled together these are the dresses I wear.  I really need to take pictures of my own 50s dresses..but for now will share some I have for sale.

50s Brown Dress with Golden Yellow Trim

In the above dress you will be very comfortable in the cotton and bare arms.

50s polka dot dress

50s prints are fun – if you really love novelty prints then the following shop will be a treat for you:   I love the sewing themed dress:

Sheer 50s Polka Dot Dress

Many 50s dresses were sheer.  Rhinestone buttons were popular.  Notice most dresses had a fitted waist and full skirt.  Strapless dresses under boleros, sleeveless and short sleeves were common.  In more formal dresses you will find nylon tulle and lots of lace.

Vintage 50s Cotton Blouse

Vintage 50s Shirts and blouses followed the dresses in that they were often cotton or sheer nylon.

Later 60s – An adventurous time in fashion

As time marched on through the 1960s fashion became more and more adventurous.  Prints were lively, dresses and skirts were shorter and shape was being re-imagined.  Goodbye shapely feminine figure, hello A-line and straight cut.  Colors were bold.  Clothes were becoming more casual – bell bottoms and denim were popular.  Hair was following fashion as women often wore their hair longer and more natural.  In general, I feel the clothes became more youthful.  Meanwhile young women attended prom in fancy gowns, usually full length, often with empire waists.  Velvet, ribbons, lace and flowers were used on these formal gowns.

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The Early 60s – Fashionable Figures

To my eye, the 1960s picked up where the 50s left off.  Skirts and dresses were becoming more fitted (pencil and wiggle), dresses were becoming more low cut.  The waist was still quite fitted as in the 50s.  The hourglass and pear shapes were being celebrated.

60s Nali-Bee Casuals Dress

60s Gray Wool Dress

60s Star Dress with Jacket