An average day – my online selling routine

Realizing I haven’t made a new post this week, so I thought I might give you an idea of what an average summer day is like for me.  September through May I will be teaching full time, so those days are much different.  But during the summer this is an average day:

I wake up in the morning and immediately check my email for sale notifications.  I like to get things packaged right away and into the mailbox.  I try to answer questions as promptly as possible; at times I probably scare my inquirers as I message back nearly immediately.  Questions usually involve how an item will fit and this is something I have a very good handle on.  I use a mannequin now, but have had so many different models in different sizes and I remember this way.  If I were selling baby or childrens’ clothing I would be completely lost and have to reference a size chart frequently. 

After taking care of mailing and answering questions I have breakfast.  Then I begin the listing process: either taking out the mannequin and shooting photos or writing up descriptions.  I research the item at hand.  My measuring tape is always around my neck.  You would think this part is a well-oiled machine; quick and easy.  But I find so many extra things to work on during the process.  Mens’ shirts with buttons moved inward to allow the expansion of the previous owner.  It looks sloppy and I need to sew the buttons back into the proper places.  But alas, we are missing two buttons.  So I need to rummage through my button collection and if I am lucky, find a new set.  With vintage dresses there are often gaps in the seams, again by the expansion of the previous owners (through breathing, eating, moving…)  I hold the dress up and find one loose seam, then another.   The hours pass as I stitch.  I don’t use a sewing machine unless I am doing a really long seam or a zipper. 

A big time eater in vintage sales is the cleaning process.  I hand wash or gentle wash in the machine.  But some stains need special treatment.  To save on laundry detergent, I use fels naptha (buy it by the bar super cheap) and boil into a bucket of detergent.  Vinegar is good in the wash also.

During the afternoon my mind starts to wander and I will go to facebook.  I try to promote on my facebook fan page  I tweet and talk shop with other online vintage sellers.  At times I will work on the numbers part of the business, figuring expenses and income.  By 6:30 I need a break, it is time for Wheel of Fortune.  If the weather is good, I will take a nice walk around the neighborhood.  I have shows to watch after that, especially on Thursday night.  But during the commercials I try to maintain my shop – listing on multiple sites and renewing what has expired.  At the end of the night I find it hard to turn off the computer – sales trickle in during the night….and tomorrow I will do most of these things again..


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