Annoyed by internet

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel irritable?  Like you can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but everything is super annoying?  Even the idea of writing this entry is vaguely vexing. I just want to take the whole paragraph and move it to the trash.  What could be behind this?

The internet itself is a very good source of this feeling.  At this point in time people post anything they want on the internet.  Of course I don’t agree with everything but it goes beyond that.  Going on facebook and scanning through the feed is like walking past 40 people on the street and having each one stop and tell you something.  Even people you don’t know or like.  For myself, I know I can’t post anything I want.  I can’t just say anything I want.  I carefully choose my words.  This seems to be a rare thing in the present time.

I am most annoyed by myself, though.  I have not been satisfied with one sale per day.  Why can’t that be enough?  Well, because it hardly pays for expenses.  I can buy more than I sell.  It needs to improve, not just hold steady.  My lack of knowledge frustrates me.  Spending hours researching and not finding relevant information zaps my energy.  I could just stick with what I know, only sell vintage from the last half of the last century.  But I do want to expand my knowledge.  This isn’t about money after all, anyone can make money.  The people I respect most are those who truly know what they are selling.

NOTE:  I should share what helps me best to get out of an irritable mood!  Reading is almost always helpful.  I like to read Oprah’s Magazine.  Getting outside to take a walk is nice.  Going to the animal shelter.  And eating popcorn.


4 thoughts on “Annoyed by internet

  1. Yeah, we live in an interesting time. I like your description of Facebook. It’s annoying quite often, yet it’s addictive. And your job has you immersed in that all day. I wonder if it would help to set hours for yourself?

  2. Thank you – yes having set hours helps tremendously. Teaching piano lessons will do that for me, to an extent. I have enjoyed my summer off from teaching, though.

  3. I find myself getting annoyed by silly people on the internet. However, my paying gig is managing a facebook community. If people were not silly, I’d not be needed. So, I take a deep breath and plunge in every day! At least I can work in my pajamas!

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