1970s Fashion is my passion..

From the 1980s we are naturally led back to the 1970s, there is quite a bit of overlapping between the two obviously.  For example the versatile “secretary” dress was already happening in the 1970s.  From my own experience there isn’t that much difference between 80s and 70s secretary dresses.  The slight differences I find are:

80s often had 3/4 length sleeves and slight poof to the shoulder.  Also I notice ruching on many 80s sleeves.  80s might have a peplum and deeper crossing v-neck.
70s polyester was maybe just a bit thicker than the 80s
Both seem to have pleating frequently.

This is an 80s example..

I see a lot of Queen’s Row and King’s Row dresses in this style.

70s Queens Row Dress


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