Ode to 1980s Style

Today I am finally doing what I said I would do.  Letting my style.ly and yardsellr listings expire!  I had thought that daily, repetitive insults from random site users were the last straw.  But truly, the true last straw was no longer getting regular sales from these sites while continuing to be ridiculed.  So goodbye abusive selling environment, hello to positive thinking.   Let me point out some positive aspects of vintage for you!  We can start with the 1980s and work our way back to older times.

You don’t have to style your hair sky high and wear tight uncomfortable clothing to do 80s styles.  What a relief!

1980s Secretary Dresses

Notice the subtle appeal of this “secretary” dress – it is appropriate for wearing to work, but casual enough to wear running errands.  It is nice to play up the 50s while wearing the 80s…you will notice this in some 80s dresses…

1980s nod to 1950s

So on this pink floral dress the print is just splendid.  The print alone is a beauty.  Pair that with its adorable shape, and you fall in love with this dress.

1980s Glamour

But the 1980s did not limit itself to simply playing on the 1950s style.  Does this dress evoke Old Hollywood for you?  Perhaps 1930s?
Sometimes the 80s went further back for inspiration – this gown is gothic and to my eye, a bit Victorian!

1980s Gothic

I do think at times the 80s was distinctly like no other era.  80s prom dresses are a great example of the unique over-the-top 80s look.

The 80s Prom Dress

You can always enjoy an era with accessories as well.  Shoes, jewelry, bags and hats.  My next post will highlight the 1970s…


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