1950s Style

Some of my favorite dresses in my personal closet are 50s dresses and retro 50s dresses.  When I want to look completely pulled together these are the dresses I wear.  I really need to take pictures of my own 50s dresses..but for now will share some I have for sale.

50s Brown Dress with Golden Yellow Trim

In the above dress you will be very comfortable in the cotton and bare arms.

50s polka dot dress

50s prints are fun – if you really love novelty prints then the following shop will be a treat for you: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TMHL   I love the sewing themed dress:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/87724013/vintage-50s-novelty-print-french-sewing

Sheer 50s Polka Dot Dress

Many 50s dresses were sheer.  Rhinestone buttons were popular.  Notice most dresses had a fitted waist and full skirt.  Strapless dresses under boleros, sleeveless and short sleeves were common.  In more formal dresses you will find nylon tulle and lots of lace.

Vintage 50s Cotton Blouse

Vintage 50s Shirts and blouses followed the dresses in that they were often cotton or sheer nylon.


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