1940s – Polished & Pretty

When I think 40s I think long and lean.  Nice defined shoulders.  Shoes with a good heel.  A peplum at my waist is for sure a mistake, and yet they were made flattering in the 40s.  I have dealt with quite a few 40s skirt suits, which gave women a distinct polish.  Also I’ve had some sweet floral dresses, probably worn to church services.  None of these look out of place today and the look of the 40s has been copied and taken from in the following decades.

A lovely green floral dress

Vintage 40s Shoes

40s Green Dress
40s Green Jacket

40s Jerry Gilden Spectator Dress

40s Tailored Skirt Suit

40s Velvet Dress

Julette Original with Cross Buttons

Decorative Fringe and Conchos


Swag accent at waist

40s Beaded Stars

40s Two Piece Set

Black Peeptoe Heels

Vintage 40s Tailored Jacket


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