1930s and Prior

Obviously clothing from the years 1930s and prior is extremely difficult to find.   Antique shops will occasionally have some things but it is not often enough.  It is even more difficult to find items in wearable condition.  I have been lucky to find quite a bit of childrens’ clothing, shoes, and hats from the very early years.  I have a few Edwardian shirts (early 1900s) that boast a variety of laces.  I do have a Victorian (1837-1901) jacket and skirt, but I am not sure how I will display it for photos as the jacket seems to have a waist smaller than a coffee cup is round.  🙂  And such was the fashion, extremely tiny waist with full skirts and full bust.  I am thinking of the shape of a bird with its chest puffed out.  What I enjoy in the early clothing is the attention to detail.  Fine smocking, beautiful buttons, intricate lace.  I will share the items I have to give you a picture of the Victorian and Edwardian styles, as well as some 1930s items.  It is really fun to search these out online as I am sure most of us have not seen these styles much outside of movies and museums..

Victorian Boots

Edwardian Blouse – Lots of Lace

Vintage 30s Dress

1930s Dress

Style Queen Hat in my personal collection

1930s Dress

1930s Dress

30s Deco Coat

Vintage 30s Sheer Lace Dress

1920s Shoes











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