Trip to the vet = Wrestling my cat


Just got home from the vet, which means it is time to clean MY wounds.  I can’t think of anything more dangerous than forcing a cat into a pet carrier.  My cats are the sweetest, most gentle creatures…but the carrier brings out their wolverine side.  I am covered in fur as well as scratches now, from rolling around trying to wrestle Spindle to the vet.  He does not understand it is for his own good.  One of our other cats, Bear, actually goes in to hiding when it is his day for the vet.  He can be found wedged in behind the washing machine, in the shower, under the bed…same places he hides from thunderstorms. And another cat, Bean, tends to poop in his carrier.  Ick.   When they are actually ON the examination table, they go back to their normal, loving selves.  They really charm and purr….they will even head butt the vet in greeting.  It seems the answer is to leash-train them, though they’d still need to be confined when in the vehicle..If anyone has a trick that works, feel free to comment!


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