I like to work..

Does anyone feel like I do?  I love to work.  Tonight when my husband gets home from work, he wants to celebrate our anniversary.  Maybe eat at a restaurant and take a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather.  But as always, part of me just wants to work.  I really enjoy researching vintage.  I really really like to shop for vintage, whether by appointment, thrift or antique store, or even garage sale.  And I really love to do photos and write up descriptions.  Obviously, the line is drawn at washing, steaming, and mending.  I feel for those people who still work at jobs they hate.  I have never truly hated a job I had.  I would be nervous to go to work as a waitress, so nervous I would skip eating.  Working in retail and in a deli was hard work, and occasionally customers made it even harder..but I don’t think I ever truly hated it.  My fellow employees made even the worst part of the job bearable.  There are days I did not want to go to my student teaching, but I think that had a lot to do with the early hour and the fact that I did NOT want to be a high school band teacher, which is what I was being trained in.  Had I been doing my training in piano teaching, I might have found more excitement there. 
Well, just had a sale, so now I better package it and get it in the mail box.  A very satisfying part of my job, indeed.


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