The perks of pet ownership

I have just witnessed yet another tragedy.  One of the perks of pet ownership I guess.  My cats, while fenced in our yard, have caught a bird.  This should be impossible.  We placed chicken wire over the top of the fence and it should be obvious to any passing prey that this is a yard not to be trifled with.  Five cats stalking the yard.  Had I been thinking, I would have locked the pet door the moment I saw the catch take place.  Now I have a carpet covered in feathers and other items.  How can I even begin to clean it.  How can I begin to forget what I have witnessed.

When we lived at our previous home there was a ridiculous wild rodent population as we were next to an open field.  Daily our cats would take small rodents.  Daily my screams would be heard.  One time I spotted my cat touching noses with a small mouse.  I ran and caught the mouse and put it outside..hopefully unscathed.

When it was time to move to our new home, we replaced the carpets in our old house.  We had to put the cats in the garage as realtors and a potential buyer walked through the house.  We also put the litter box in the garage.  This was only remembered by me late at night when my cat used the new carpet as a litter box.  Around that same time, two of our cats escaped our house and wandered free for hours.  We were in a state of complete panic going door to door asking if anyone had seen them.  Also during that time one cat caught a rodent so large it was hard to tell the difference between he and the rodent.  He paraded his gruesome catch through the house.  I later found the animal’s small head in the garage.

As I drove our packed car to our new home, following my husband as he drove the moving van the cats cried in their carriers.  One cat always uses his carrier as a litter box.  I looked back in the rearview as our cat Spindle chewed and clawed his way out of his carrier.  He looked like he was being born from the carrier as I saw his head and shoulders pop out of the side.

I do have about a thousand more stories such as these, having had cats all my thirty years.  I know dog owners suffer similar tales.  And yet the joys massively outweigh these stresses….


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