Everything is casual…

For whatever reason today I got to thinking about how the internet has changed life.  By my nature I am a shy and reserved person.  You will not find me making spontaneous visits to neighbors or even friends.  I do think many of us are missing out on a real social life these days.  Maybe it is because I work from home and don’t get to see most people at their work, in their comfort zones, but it seems like everyone these days is very home oriented.   After work there is no more social life.  We can all blame being too busy, but how are we more busy than the people of previous generations?  They used to attend parties regularly.  They made an effort.  When they went out to dinner they dressed nicely and made an event of it.  Maybe that is the part that gets to me the most.  Why is everyone so casual?  Nothing is a big deal anymore.  So, how can I change my own behavior?  This year I will attempt to be more formal in my attire while teaching my piano students.  I will set a better example.  There was a time last year when I wore a sweatshirt and jeans almost every day.  My excuse was pretty valid; I had packed up my wardrobe as we anticipated moving quickly from one home to another and then the process got very drawn out.  I had an ear infection that lasted over a month.  I wasn’t feeling well.  But if you are feeling well and free of circumstances why not show someone their presence warrants something more than jeans.  And I will be more outwardly friendly in general.   I do enjoy teaching, but do my students realize that by the way I behave?  I hope they will always know going forward.


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