Generations of Vintage – Shop Features

When I was sixteen my work was very random and definitely not specialized.  I mowed my Grandma’s massive yard on her farm, around and around the grain bins I went.  I cleaned out retired Schwan’s trucks which were being re-purposed into farm trucks.  I did the books for my grandparents’ business.  Eventually I started waiting tables at our small town diner.  How would my life be different had I been a vintage seller at that age?  To answer this question I visit “Is This Pink Vintage” and get to know young Taylor.

70s Slip at Is This Pink Vintage

Taylor learned the trade from her mom Gwende who also has an Etsy shop (feature below).  Taylor’s goal is to expand into clothing eventually, right now she has a focus on lingerie, and to have a brick and mortar in Phoenix by the time she’s in her mid-20s. At 16 she’s been wearing and learning about vintage most of her life!  I really admire her presentation and knowledge and exceptional communication skills at such a young age.  She is a vital part of the vintage community.  Visit her also at facebook:

Taylor’s Mom Gwende had the following to say:

“I used to ask my Grandad about “The Good Old Days”, but one time my Grandad said to me; “I don’t know why people call them the Good Old Days, I just call them The Old Days, I don’t know what was so good about them.”

I grew up being told I was an old soul, lots of times and in certain situations, I feel like I was born too late!

I am a Mom of 4 children and have been a vintage lover and had appreciation for history and the like for most of my life.”

Her Etsy shop is and she can also be found on

Gwende’s shop has a variety with focus on vintage clothing.  It is great to have both seasoned and new sellers and I enjoy having Gwende as part of the online community as well!

50s 60s New Look Skirt

Psychedelic Vintage

Peach Crinoline Petticoat


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