Stand up against bullies









Watching video today of this TV News Anchor defending against a mean email reminded me of the annoying and hurtful comments I used to receive on a daily basis on a site I was selling on.  I pasted some of the more irritating ones above, but do know this was just the tip of the mean-spirited iceberg.  I was encouraged to delete comments and move on, and most of them I did.  But some I responded to and let them know it was not cool.  I remind myself what I am up against, and what we are all up against, in this appearances-driven world where minds are small but mouths big.  The brat who kept coming back and telling me my pictures weren’t good enough..the rude Jessica Rabbit wannabe..where are THEY today??  Are they reaching THEIR goals?  The news anchor sums it up in her video – we need to stand up against bullies.


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