Bye Bye Birdie *Twitter*

This question has occasionally crossed my mind: “what would happen if facebook went away?”  Facebook and Etsy and the internet have become a very large part of my life, what if these were taken out of my life.  Now I have found what it is like to lose a small part of my internet life, Twitter.  I don’t invest a huge amount of energy or time into Twitter.  But it was part of the routine.  Twitter accidentally suspended myself and around 500 others en masse as their bot was confused that we were all the same person, creating hundreds of accounts.  (This is the general consensus on what happened anyway)  We all have shops on Bonanza, we had all at some point tweeted an item on Bonanza (there is a twitter button on listings) and now we are all fighting to get back in.  I don’t know how many followers I had when I lost my account.  One thousand?  Two thousand?  So for me, this is an injustice waiting to be made right.  An inconvenience for the moment.  A loss of a great tool in connecting with the vintage community.  I had worked to build my following and now it has disappeared.  But really, the most unfortunate thing is what this means for Bonanza.  I have been with their site from the beginning.  The people running the site are good people.  And now anyone who tweets anything related to Bonanza is getting kicked off Twitter.   What a blow to Bonanza as they are trying to compete in this saturated market.  My Bonanza shop is  please check out the rest of the site as well.



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