From Boredom to Inspiration

A fellow Etsy seller was polling other sellers asking what they do if they ever do get “bored”.  Of course, there were many responses such as “Oh, I don’t have TIME to get bored”…”This work is far too interesting to be boring”..”I would LOVE to be bored once” and so on. 

Let me tell you, I have been bored, and I am not in the least ashamed to say that. Sometimes online sales can start to feel like busywork. Clean, photo, measure, describe….sewing up a split seam and dabbing a stain with vinegar isn’t exactly “inspired work”. Not every part of an Etsy seller’s life is fun.  What you see in my store is the finished product.  You can look at my sold items and think of all the excitement and money coming in.  But you cannot see the money going out.  And you probably don’t notice the item sitting unsold for three years.  Everyone has this in their work…even in the most exciting lines of work.   And I can go from bored to completely stressed in about five…there is always hope.  Inspiration can strike at any moment.


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