Vintage Dresses and Separates – New to my Shop

What you see is the best photo arrangement I could come up with.  WordPress is tricky!  I know I need to figure out html and what all the alignments really mean.  But 2am is probably not the time to figure out such details.   The vintage items you see above are:
1) Cool mod 60s blue dress w/design – material is very wearable, not too heavy, not too thin.
2) Check out this print!  And the colors on this red print dress with full skirt.  Very cute.
3) Blue Patio Dress with Full Skirt – Great metallic ric rac details.
4) Blue Brocade Party Dress from 1960s.
5) Vintage 50s Red Plaid Casual Dress  –  Sleeveless with Clear Buttons.  Adorable.
6) Red Asian Print Sleeveless Top with Matching Pants – Groovy.
7) Vintage 60s Champagne Ivory Lace Party Dress – this one has some issues, but the price is sooo low you might not even care.
8) Sheer Pinstripe Blouse with Bow at neck.  I want one in my size!
9) Vintage 70s Green THE END Dress – End of the world, end of the movie…you decide.
10) Vintage 50s Friedmont Suit – Jacket and Skirt Set with Mink Fur Pom Pons.
As always, there is loads more in every size, style and price in my shop.  Just take a look!  Also be sure to follow my facebook page so you are the first to know of newly listed items and sales:


Shop Feature – Nowandthenstyle







Featuring a fun and fabulous vintage shop today –  This New Orleans based shop is run by the multi-talented Leisa – she excels in music and vintage!  She is a singer for the band Yomomanem – more info here  Also she loves animals and has a heart of gold.  Her shop has quite a nice selection of vintage jewelry and clothing.  You can stay up to date with everything at the shop by liking her facebook page here:

SHOP FEATURE – Roo’s Vintage Treasures

I am pleased to bring your featured vintage shop for this week Roo’s Vintage Treasures!
I have known owner Christine for a few years and can tell you she is a lovely person – very positive in attitude.   She is committed to authentic vintage and to her customers.  In fact, she has over 2,000 positive feedback ratings in her Ebay shop!  That is very impressive – most of her feedbacks include the word “excellent”.   Find her on Ebay at

If you prefer to shop on Etsy she also has a shop there:  Follow all her sales and new items at

Now the fun part – a glimpse of what she has for sale currently.

Vintage – Defying Dull

Vintage is never boring.  That is what I am thinking today.  Sometimes I see commercials for modern clothing and I wonder what the point of even creating the clothes was.  Oh, you are featuring bright colors this season?  But the color is the only interesting detail on the dress.  What exactly was the point?  What was the inspiration?  I understand that a wardrobe needs a few basic pieces…but why can’t those basic pieces at least be interesting?  Take the little black dress – why not have a neat neckline.  Lace or ribbon or a bow as trim.  Probably because these extra details cost extra and much of modern fashion seems to aim only at being cheap.  I don’t need cheap clothing that is not well made and lacks innovation or interest.   Look to vintage for an idea of what quality should look like.

SHOP FEATURE – Intrigue You Forever Vintage

Today’s shop feature is Intrigue You Forever Vintage – a lovely shop run by Jolene that can be found on Etsy at and also on Ebay at   Keep up to date with all her listings at her facebook page here

You will always find a nice assortment of vintage dresses, coats, jewelry, skirts and also menswear in Jolene’s shop.  She also has a good variety of styles and sizes.  Jolene has a wonderful personality and inventory to match.

Little Black Dress for Christmas

‘Little Black Dress for Christmas’ by Shalotte

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Black Evening Bag with Ostri…


12 Black Rhinestone Beads Bi…


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10 Black Hypersthene Crystal…


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Shop Feature – WVaTumbleweedVintage

Today’s featured vintage shop is WVaTumbleweedVintage

The shop’s owner Carolyn is a busy Mom.  She has found selling online to be a great way to work and still take care of her family.  She really has an eye for appealing vintage!

Strolling through her shop I am finding LOTS of beautiful shoes, which are pretty hard to come by.  And lots of gorgeous dresses and jewelry.  As well as a variety of other items.  Some of my favorites are pictured, but I really recommend going to her shop to see all the other goodies!

Planning a get away..

So a trip to Hawaii is being planned by my husband and I.  We are the world’s worst travelers, so we really had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such travel.  I envy my parents and other family members who fly freely around the globe.  Nick and I have been to Mexico and on a cruise to the Bahamas.  The cruise was quite a success, except for the fact that it rained a good deal of the time we were on the cruise.  Really we can’t complain though as it was a safe and fun journey.

A cruise suited us as we felt taken care of.  We were taken to points of interest and meals were a non-issue – eat whenever you want, whatever you want.   We got to be glamorous at the evening meals and feel a bit like royalty.

Now let me tell you about our honeymoon to Mexico.

The night before our flight I got sick and spent much time hugging the toilet.  On the plane itself I made use of the sick bag.  We arrived before our room was ready and spent much of our first day sitting around in jeans waiting eagerly to change into more appropriate attire.  🙂  The second day we were taken captive by the time share people.  Finally, I became well in the beauty that is Mexico.  We visited the dolphins.  We went to the beach.  We ate ice cream.  We were unable to use our debit card, guess we should have informed our bank we’d be traveling!  Everywhere we went men would yell “honey mooners, honey mooners” to get our attention.  The return trip home was a harsh return to reality.  I got sick again, this time something more serious.  I had to crawl through customs on my knees..perhaps Nick should have carried me back over the threshold into the USA?  My digestive system was only semi functional for about a month once we arrived home.

Our trip to Hawaii is definitely taking a chance.  I desire to be hearty.   As we want to enjoy our flights cheaply our travel time will be great..close to 24 hours on our return trip.  I must steel myself for the voyage.