Planning a get away..

So a trip to Hawaii is being planned by my husband and I.  We are the world’s worst travelers, so we really had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such travel.  I envy my parents and other family members who fly freely around the globe.  Nick and I have been to Mexico and on a cruise to the Bahamas.  The cruise was quite a success, except for the fact that it rained a good deal of the time we were on the cruise.  Really we can’t complain though as it was a safe and fun journey.

A cruise suited us as we felt taken care of.  We were taken to points of interest and meals were a non-issue – eat whenever you want, whatever you want.   We got to be glamorous at the evening meals and feel a bit like royalty.

Now let me tell you about our honeymoon to Mexico.

The night before our flight I got sick and spent much time hugging the toilet.  On the plane itself I made use of the sick bag.  We arrived before our room was ready and spent much of our first day sitting around in jeans waiting eagerly to change into more appropriate attire.  🙂  The second day we were taken captive by the time share people.  Finally, I became well in the beauty that is Mexico.  We visited the dolphins.  We went to the beach.  We ate ice cream.  We were unable to use our debit card, guess we should have informed our bank we’d be traveling!  Everywhere we went men would yell “honey mooners, honey mooners” to get our attention.  The return trip home was a harsh return to reality.  I got sick again, this time something more serious.  I had to crawl through customs on my knees..perhaps Nick should have carried me back over the threshold into the USA?  My digestive system was only semi functional for about a month once we arrived home.

Our trip to Hawaii is definitely taking a chance.  I desire to be hearty.   As we want to enjoy our flights cheaply our travel time will be great..close to 24 hours on our return trip.  I must steel myself for the voyage.


One thought on “Planning a get away..

  1. Jess, I promise you are in for a real treat. You are going to love it. I think I remember that you don’t fly well, but once you get there you will think you went to heaven.

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