My youth in vintage

It is always fun to look back at old photos.  These are pictures from the 1980s into very early 90s where my siblings and I are wearing my Mom’s clothing from her teenage years.  If anyone can remember back to the actual style around that time, it was sweatshirts, big t-shirts and jeans.  Casual clothing was very sad at that time.  In my pre-teen years I started to wear some horrible glasses and odd little western shirts.  For some reason my hair started to be permed on a regular basis. Yikes!

The last photo is from this Christmas, 2012.  I am wearing a late 50s into early 60s velvet dress.

3 siblings mom's cardigan hippie shirt christmas 2012


First Taste of Star Fruit

So how is my trip down vegetarian lane going?  It has been a week since my husband and I decided we wanted to attempt to give up meat.  Going to the grocery store we spent most of our time in the produce department…we were looking for new and exciting veggies and fruit to try.  It doesn’t hurt that my brother is in charge of this particular produce department.  He steered us toward trying star fruit and kumquats.  The star fruit was not bad, the kumquats were quite delicious.  You eat them whole, they are like miniature oranges, very zippy and fresh.  The first couple were a bit odd, but you get used to eating the peels quickly.  Eating at home has been pretty easy; going to our usual restaurants was a bit more daunting.  Home style cooking restaurants in particular are tricky as many non-meat dishes are terribly unhealthy.  Luckily we don’t have to drive too far to get a more diverse restaurant that had Greek pizza and wraps filled with grilled vegetables.  Thank you to The Walrus Restaurant.

Vegucated – Documentary recommendation

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” —Albert Einstein

Every once in a while I watch a documentary that really goes above and beyond.  Not only informing but inspiring me.  I just watched “Vegucated” on netflix and must say this one has done so.   I consider myself an animal lover and generally healthy eater.  If you are either of these or would like to be, then I think you will also be inspired by this documentary.  It deals with ordinary people, those who have been eating meat all their lives and for whom this lifestyle is the norm.  “Vegucated” highlights the challenge of not only changing your eating habits, but how others react to your decision to go vegan.  It is entertaining, touching and never boring.

Just watch it, you will learn so much.
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The best time to blog..

Winter Thoughts

Sometimes I think to myself, you can ignore me but I am not going  anywhere.  I am pretty persistent.  And stubborn.  I blog while the naysayers are sleeping.  🙂  The best time to blog is late at night.  That seems to be when my brain produces the most creative thoughts, a great quantity of thoughts that keep me awake through the late hours.  However, this only seems to hold true if I am actually laying in bed trying to sleep.  If I am sitting at my computer with fingers ready to capture these thoughts they do not come readily.  In fact, when at my computer I become quite sleepy.  I am in working mode, just one week of lessons left this semester.  There is a bit of a time crunch to get students ready for competition in February.  We have 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years, plus I am taking a week off in January.  Taking time off is difficult, being self-employed I feel like when I am not home, nothing gets done.  Business stops.  Though, I have no envy for those with employees as they have the responsibility of being in charge of others.  I like the idea of working with others, as long as I bear no burden from their actions.  Of course, this is different with students.  Obviously if they have no interest in improving their piano skills they would terminate lessons.  Well, most of the time they would.  🙂  I do not plan to put my online shop on vacation while I am away for a week.  Because that will most certainly be the week I get the most sales..step away from the computer for a couple days, unable to ship or answer questions effectively and buyers will come in droves.


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