First Taste of Star Fruit

So how is my trip down vegetarian lane going?  It has been a week since my husband and I decided we wanted to attempt to give up meat.  Going to the grocery store we spent most of our time in the produce department…we were looking for new and exciting veggies and fruit to try.  It doesn’t hurt that my brother is in charge of this particular produce department.  He steered us toward trying star fruit and kumquats.  The star fruit was not bad, the kumquats were quite delicious.  You eat them whole, they are like miniature oranges, very zippy and fresh.  The first couple were a bit odd, but you get used to eating the peels quickly.  Eating at home has been pretty easy; going to our usual restaurants was a bit more daunting.  Home style cooking restaurants in particular are tricky as many non-meat dishes are terribly unhealthy.  Luckily we don’t have to drive too far to get a more diverse restaurant that had Greek pizza and wraps filled with grilled vegetables.  Thank you to The Walrus Restaurant.


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