My trip to Hawaii has a rough start

Hapuna Beach

To get from point A to point B is not always a smooth transition.  I am currently on Hawaii’s Big Island staying in Kona.  The image you see is Hapuna Beach, a beautiful spot with waves gently  rolling in on lovely sand.  I would like to take you back, though, to where it all started at home in North Dakota.  A blizzard was blowing through the morning we left at 6am.  My parents who were   traveling to Hawaii also had their flight cancelled by the airline due to the weather.  Lucky for us we were able to take off despite the inclement weather.  Our Denver to San Francisco flight was not hampered by the weather either, but by a mechanical glitch.  We sat on the plane for an hour as a fire alarm sounded in the cockpit.   Something was obviously misfiring.  We were allowed to leave the plane while decisions were made.  A new copilot was needed, and eventually a new crew as they had run out of duty hours.   We chatted with the attendants about what we should do as we would miss our connecting flights if the delay went on too long.  The plane was delayed five hours, we later learned.  We hopped on a plane to LA instead after an hour of standing in line for the ticket agent to work out our new course.  We felt so lucky.  We had a very short layover at LAX, just a half hour to get from terminal four to terminal seven.  When the plane landed we dashed, irritating the first class passengers who believed we should stay seated while they leisurely gathered their things.  I was directed to go down some stairs but saw it was a security checkpoint.  Where was this shuttle?  We were running madly through the airport, no idea where we were going as there is little in the way of signs directing passengers.  We were just in time to get to the gate, with five minutes remaining before the gates would close.  I had my ticket scanned and ran to the plane.  Nick was stopped and told he was not “checked in”.  I was called back.  A woman tried to allow us both through, but her rude coworker insisted “You go, he stays”.  As if this was logical.  Well, after all our rushing, we no longer had two seats.  It took some time to find someone to help us get a hotel and get a new flight from LA scheduled for the next morning.  We were crushed.  We had hoped to make this a one day trip, not two.  In LA we had supper at our hotel, I had a delicious greek salad that was so fresh.  The flight the next morning was a breeze for us, though very long and boring.  I felt bad for a woman who was directed off the plane; she had a bloody nose and they wouldn’t allow her to fly.  When we arrived in Hawaii we felt the heat immediately and the open air of Kona’s airport was a welcome change from the freezing air of North Dakota.  And so the adventure began!  To be continued….


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