More vacation memories – Hawaii

I had hoped to organize my thoughts on the topic of my trip to Hawaii, but don’t think that will be happening.  Half my photos are on my husband’s laptop, so I can’t achieve the chronological order I had hoped for.  We are home after quite the return trip.  We left the big island at 2am CST.  We were at the airport for the flight three hours prior as I guess we wanted to enjoy the open air of the airport’s waiting area.  We arrived in LA in the wee hours of the morning and slept on the floor for about an hour.  Then we headed for San Fran, where our flight was delayed ever so slightly by a late incoming plane.  United really was having some issues.  From San Fran we went to Denver where our plane was delayed one hour.  We arrived in Bismarck at 8pm CST so this was close to 20 hours of travel time.  The temperature was below zero, wind chill of 20 below?  So that makes for a 100 degree temperature change from 80 degrees in Hawaii.

So what did we do in Hawaii?  We drove around the entire big island, stopping in Hilo for lunch.  What a great little town.  We ate at Cafe Pesto in a beautiful historic building.  You can see pictures here:  I had a Lokelani pizza and it was magnificent.  We stopped at a farmer’s market where my Mom was overjoyed to purchase seven papayas for $2.  What a deal!  We stopped at a volcano site which was luckily, uneventful.

Quiet Volcano

Our trip back in the night was quite frightful.  We were on an unfamiliar narrow, winding road with other cars’ headlights blinding us.   We stopped shortly at Annies Island Fresh Burgers and I had the “Good Karma Burger”..portabello mushroom accented with bulgar, tahiti lime mayo, parmesan on a bun. First time eating purple potato salad.  Find more info here:

We spent a good deal of time at Waikoloa Hilton Resort.  That is where we took the picture of the beach and colorful birds.  We paddle boated and saw Honu Sea Turtles and fish.  The feral cats you see in the photos are present in many parking lots and at the resort we stayed at.  They seem to be well taken care of, though I do wonder if their population is being controlled.

DSCF7667 DSCF7670 DSCF7671 DSCF7673 DSCF7674 DSCF7675 DSCF7676 DSCF7677 DSCF7678


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