Month Two without meat – So far so good

So it is my second month of not eating meat and all is well.  I do not miss it though it still limits my restaurant choices.  I did order a vegetarian dish that came with turkey, not sure what the misunderstanding was there, but I ate it anyway as there is no hope in trying to undo what is done.
Something that I now notice more is how many commercials involve hamburgers.  People happily inhaling hamburgers.  Slim and beautiful men and women eating hamburgers.  Hamburgers falling from the sky and plopping as they hit the ground.  It is pretty bizarre!  While I used to love steak I was never much impressed by was really all about the pickle and ketchup and the salt and the french fries.  And maybe even the pop or milkshake that accompanied the salty burger.  It makes me ask “what are we REALLY craving here?” 


An Ode To Romance – Ivory Lace

Let me first say that I don’t know how to define “ode”.  I had a young piano student playing “Ode to Joy” and she asked what ode meant.  I couldn’t come up with a definition.  In fact every time I thought I had a definition it was just using the word ode again.   Now I would say it is “in honor” of that to which the ode is intended, but my young student would still be puzzled.

As for the topic at hand; My personal style does not lean toward romance.   Commercials for diamond rings, chocolates, lingerie and anything sappy are useless to me.   That is not how I live my life.  Looking at an ivory lace dress I can appreciate its beauty but would not choose it for myself.   For whatever reason, people seem to respond well to the romantic style, so I continue to dabble in it, surprising myself again and again that I do actually enjoy it.  It is not who I am, but it is fun.Lace Hat DSCF7817Little Straw Hat

Sheer Lace DressIvory Lace Dress