An Ode To Romance – Ivory Lace

Let me first say that I don’t know how to define “ode”.  I had a young piano student playing “Ode to Joy” and she asked what ode meant.  I couldn’t come up with a definition.  In fact every time I thought I had a definition it was just using the word ode again.   Now I would say it is “in honor” of that to which the ode is intended, but my young student would still be puzzled.

As for the topic at hand; My personal style does not lean toward romance.   Commercials for diamond rings, chocolates, lingerie and anything sappy are useless to me.   That is not how I live my life.  Looking at an ivory lace dress I can appreciate its beauty but would not choose it for myself.   For whatever reason, people seem to respond well to the romantic style, so I continue to dabble in it, surprising myself again and again that I do actually enjoy it.  It is not who I am, but it is fun.Lace Hat DSCF7817Little Straw Hat

Sheer Lace DressIvory Lace Dress


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