Dearest Modern Clothing complaints

My arms are tired and heavy, my back hurts and motivation is at zero right along with the current temperature, so thought I’d check in with a list of complaints for modern clothing manufacturers.  🙂
1. In addition to being tired and heavy, my arms are not pretzel rods.  They have shape and form and substance.  Please allow room in the sleeves of shirts and blouses for my arms to move and flex.  There is nothing worse than putting on a shirt and have it all twisted and bunched around my arms.  Well, putting on a sweater and having it do that might be worse.
2. Maybe its just because I am so darn short, but I also find the length of many modern cardigans a bit much. Especially when they button all the way to the bottom hem.  Usually I let the cardigan naturally ride up above my waist rather than allowing it to its actual placement.  I do appreciate the modern twist though of having sweaters and tops shorter in front and longer in back – a stylish take on modesty!
3. There are few stores selling jeans for the shorter person.  I tend to go to Aeropostale for their short jeans.  I appreciate being able to go to the juniors section, but think the misses section should have SOME selection for short persons and those in the true XS range.
4. Finally let’s talk about comfort, as that is how I feel most people dress these days, in the pursuit of comfort.  In the winter I want a sweater to be warm and plush, but not scratchy.  Keep this in mind clothing manufacturers and avoid materials that turn into steel wool after a few washes.  In the summer I want to be cool and comfortable so I see no reason to continue making summer style clothing that involves long sleeves or skinny fit.  Ha!

What is your pet peeve when it comes to clothing?



One thought on “Dearest Modern Clothing complaints

  1. As a fellow short person, I have a problem with sleeves that are long enough to reach mid-thigh. Rolling up sleeves that much produces way too much bulk to fight with all day.

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