Why I can’t sell…

I was feeling good about some of my vintage 1970s items I’d pinned to a Hippie and Bohemian board on pinterest.  They had gotten a few likes and been repinned a handful of times.  My items were being seen and appreciated – wow!  Then I browsed the rest of the board and realized most of the other items had been repinned hundreds of times.  Ouch.  Nothing like comparison to curb my feeling of accomplishment.   Most of the other photos used professional models, professional photographers, etc.  Sure I could see where they were more visually appealing…but the clothing was also different…most of it was the modern take on the hippie look…sexier and “cooler” than anything in my shop.  Does anyone actually want authentic vintage?  I was starting to have my doubts.

My Etsy shop is in its fourth year and it has not been a growing year.  I have hit a plateau as I watch other sellers just starting out take off with great enthusiasm.    The hardest thing about running my own business is not figuring out how to sell, it is figuring out if I want to do what it seems to take to sell.   I don’t think I want to make the changes necessary.  I don’t want to sell reproductions.  I don’t want to sell cheaper items.  I don’t want to hire models with legs longer than my entire body and also hair longer than my entire body and eyes as dead as stones.  I don’t want to run endless sales with prices slashed.  I just want to share my love of vintage with real people – so that is what I will do – I will continue to offer true vintage shown on models who you can relate to.  I don’t think vintage is only for young people, or tall people or super skinny people or people with perfect skin and hair.  It is for everyone who appreciates it.

Quilted Hippie Maxi Dress


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