Vegetarian and Vegan Eating at Restaurants – ND

As promised I am going to summarize some of the best places to find Vegan and Vegetarian foods in Bismarck and Mandan ND!  There are other choices I am sure, but these are the ones that came to mind in a hurry:

Rice Bowl, Mandan ND
Top 100 U.S. Chinese restaurant known for its egg rolls.  For vegetarians I would recommend the egg foo young.  For vegans there is their crispy tofu and sauteed broccoli.

Fireflour Pizza, Bismarck ND
I love Fireflour Pizza – they are fairly new, but I have probably had their pizza more times than any other pizza.  I always get the “saucy”- – crushed tomato, fresh garlic, sea salt, sicilian oregano, calabrian chili oil, basil leaf.  All of their pizzas are ridiculously fresh and tasty.  They also have amazing fresh salads and some desserts.  Their waiters are very attentive and excited about their product.  I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Fireflour.

BC Bagels, Bismarck ND
I crave their “Avocado Avenue”- avocado, sprouts, and onion chive cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel.  My husband loves the faux meat strips (stripels?  I can’t remember what they are called).  Very nice smoothies also.

HuHot Mongolian Grill – Bismarck, ND
You decide what goes in your dish here – I tend to load up on tomatoes, black beans, noodles, and veggies.  To season I use garlic oil and ginger, but there are many other options.

Qdoba, Bismarck ND
Tacos, burritos,  etc – for my vegan taste I go with Vegetarian Gumbo – very satisfying and tasty.

Pita Pit, Bismarck ND
Great addition to Bismarck – there is a lot of choose from on their menu.  Spicy black bean, falafel and hummus are top choices for vegetarians.

The Harvest, Mandan ND and Station West, Mandan ND
Don’t be fooled by “the grill” part of these fine restaurants’ titles- there is vegan food here also!  The Harvest serves sandwiches and pastries at lunch time – Their “garden harvest” sandwich boasts pesto, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, tomato.  I also order “the elf” WITHOUT ham – this sandwich uses sweet potato spread and pecans – yum!  Station West does burgers and chicken sandwiches, but any sandwich can substitute homemade black bean patty.

Paradiso, Bismarck ND
This restaurant actually has a vegetarian menu – wow!
I have enjoyed their veggie burrito and look forward to trying their other items.

Taco del Mar, Bismarck ND
Quick and easy Mexican vegetarian option.

Even MORE vegetarian dining options here:


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