I will not get into arguments with random people on facebook

I will not get into arguments with random people on facebook…I will not get into arguments with random people on facebook…I will not get into arguments with random people on facebook…I will not get into arguments with random people on facebook..

It is tempting though.  You see someone post something and you feel you could shine a light on the topic and help them see the other side of the debate.   You see most of their friends agreeing with them and you think “Wow, I could enlighten a whole group of people.” Just walk away.  Don’t even for one second think it will work!  People do not want to be enlightened or have new information shared with them.  They do not want to get into a lively debate.  They probably don’t like you that much, and they certainly don’t like you showing up with your message of disagreement.  Especially not in front of their friends.  

So what can do you do to shine a light on the other side of the topic?  Find an article and post the link to your wall.  There.  Less conflict, less imposing and now your friends can come along and like your post, if they do so agree.  🙂


Vintage Delicate Sheer Dresses

How to wear Vintage Sheer Dresses
Feminine & Delicate – I think a retro heel and hat is magical with a sheer dress – you can evoke the 1930s while wearing a dress from the 70s and 80s.
Sheer means its time to find a full slip or half slip and camisole.  Jaunty & Carefree – It would also be cute to wear ankle boots or tall boots to toughen the look up a bit.
For my height I think it is better to do a dainty shoe, but those with height could pull off a boot. Sheer Vintage Dresses

Be Mine – Vintage Valentine

‘Be Mine- Vintage Valentine’ by Jolene of  https://www.etsy.com/shop/IntrigueU4Ever

Beautiful Vintage pieces for you or your Valentine! -From Vintage Clothing Addicts Team (VCAT)

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Vintage 1950s Lucite Pendant…


vintage panties pajamas slee…


Red Lace Dress Vintage 50s 6…


70s Queen of Hearts Shortie …


Spectacular 70s does 30s Ruf…


60’s 70s Vintage Sexy Re…


Vintage 1980s Gold Heart Ear…


50s Dress Vintage Red Velvet…


Victorian Valentine Postcard…


Vintage 80s RED Jersey Party…


Vintage 70s 80’s Dress M…


Vintage VANITY FAIR Robe Red…


Vintage 50s 60s Red Rhinesto…


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What to wear – Vintage Valentines

Vintage for ValentinesI am not the kind of person who makes a big deal out of Valentines, but I do think it is a great opportunity to dress up a bit.  Wear a dress, nice shoes, a hat, jewelry or lingerie that makes you feel special.  Search for pink or red in my shop, or search “romantic” and I think you will find inspiration.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/soulrust

Allergy Shots & Testing – My personal experience

A bit of common sense goes a long way.  When going to get your weekly allergy shot wear a sweater that you can roll the sleeves up on.  Today I made the mistake of wearing the worlds’ tightest sweater.  It is new and has neat stitching which makes for a no-stretch situation.  So as I walk in to get my shot I panic and try desperately to get either sleeve up over my bicep.  Not happening.  So my kind allergy shot deliverer rolls down the blinds and closes the door so I can wrangle the sweater off, my hair looking like it is part of an electricity experiment.

I have been getting weekly and twice weekly shots (one in each arm – cat allergies require their own arm) since April 2013.   I was allergy tested at the end of March.  I had been on Nasonex for a year before that and was pleased with the effectiveness of the drug, but thought a permanent fix might be wise as the allergies are a year round life long deal.  My arm “lit up like a Christmas tree” and I had “an exuberant reaction” to most everything – this is the way my kind doctor described it.  He said I had the most exuberant reaction he’d ever seen.  Adding to this the fact that I am petite, the size of a pre-teen using immune therapy (is that the word for it?)  was going to be tricky.

The first month or so of shots was a walk in the park.  No reaction whatsoever.  Over the spring and summer I had varied reactions, some days I’d end up so tired I’d sleep away the afternoon after a shot, one day I slept until the next day.  Fatigue.  My worst reactions were fatigue coupled with neck aches/headaches so severe I thought I might actually have to schedule with a chiropractor.  I had to cancel piano lessons one day as I became severely nauseous and sick.  During this time my cats must have become concerned that I would not feed them and they brought a poor bird in the house.  Wonderful.  One new health issue was recurring pink eye, I can’t say whether it was in any way related to the shots, but is a new thing.  My eyes are severely dry and I can no longer wear contacts for long periods of time.  What has helped with dry eye is: fish oil supplements, GenTeal eye drops, and TranquilEyes moisture goggles.  I was also doing a hot compress early on, but wasn’t sure that helped.

As for allergy therapy: I am on the last bottle now, not sure if I will reach the highest dose.  I am allergic to cats, grass, ash, cottonwood, juniper, kochia, pigweed, ragweed (most severe allergy), Russian Thistle, sage, molds, soy, some nuts and alfalfa pollen.  I used to love collecting alfalfa for our “cow cafe” on the farm.  The cows would moo at the fence in the morning requesting their alfalfa.  Once I reach my highest tolerable dose I can scale back to biweekly, once monthly etc to maintain my allergy immunity.

Workout 2014

As many of you across the nation are doing, I am trying to get into a fitness routine.  I am printing off schedules, buying punch cards and generally planning ahead for those days when the thrill wears off and I just want to stay home.  My will to work out has already been tested, my local fitness club ran a “beginner zumba” class this Sunday and I really felt this would be the best way to get acquainted.  Lo and behold the temperature was near 60 below windchill and the three block walk was a brisk one.  It was no help that it was also icy.  I felt good about what I accomplished at the class and ran back today.  I will always be 5-10 minutes late for these classes due to my teaching schedule, so I will likely always be on the periphery stumbling along.  My advice to you is to get to class early and situate yourself right behind the teacher – that is the view you want, not other zumba enthusiasts trying their best but not always hitting the right moves.  These first classes are rough, especially on the faster moves…will I catch on or do I need to video tape a class and watch in slow motion?  Only time will tell.  🙂  For myself, I think classes are best…left to my own devices I will not keep going at anything for longer than a half hour.  I am hoping to get to yoga, pilates and even a biking class.  Will this last?  By spring and summer I may not want to be indoors at all as I am sure the weather will be delightful.  While it is nice to have a routine, it is not all bad to break from routine, only to return to it with new fervor ..

My life as a vintage clothing dealer

My life as a vintage clothing dealer
I don’t know why I haven’t shared more on this blog related to my experiences buying and selling vintage clothing.  Well, I don’t think its too late to start now!  I will start with my experiences buying for resale.

1. I advertise my desire to buy vintage clothing and people contact me trying to sell me their stuff.  They always want me to make an offer.  They desire that I come and look at what they have and then they will be disappointed to hear that their baby dress from 1960 is likely only worth $15 (and that is generous) and that I would only like to pay $5.  I do not make many friends doing this direct buying.  I go around insulting people in their 50s and 60s who are under the impression that there is a great thirst nationwide for vintage.  There is no such thirst.  I just like buying and selling vintage.  They tell me about their adult children in the cities who see vintage being sold locally for great amounts.  I will urge them to take their vintage to the cities and see if they can’t get in on that vintage fever.  Ha!  There is often sentimental value in the way also.  “This was my mothers’ dress, I can remember her wearing it”.  “I’d like to give you $8 for it”.

2.  But buying locally and directly from the source is not all bad!  I have made a great connection with a local lady who is a treasure trove.  You wouldn’t know it when you drive up to her modest home, but within rests decades of vintage.  I am not saying this is all good vintage. 🙂  Or vintage in such condition that I can profit.  But her family has saved up these items for close to 100 years, and now I am the benefactor of their actions.  They keep me motivated and hopeful, no matter how dismal other buying adventures feel.

3. The worst possible scenario is coming into an estate or garage sale and hearing the family tell me the clothes are already gone.  They hauled them off and donated them, specifically to the thrift store that never sells their vintage but rents it out as costume.  Or they simply trashed the clothing, thinking noone would want it.

4. Thrift stores are no longer good sources for vintage.  There, I said it.  The national chains are pricing way too high, in fact the local places are getting to be overpriced as well.  If you can find a local thrift selling for reasonable prices, be very discreet and don’t mention why you are buying or they might starting raising their prices on the things you like.  In general thrift store shopping is unpleasant and there isn’t much good vintage in thrift stores.  They may advertise a sale on certain items and then charge you full price.  Locally, garage sales are also now pretty much wasted time.  Estate sales are hit or miss.  I do a lot of my buying online.  I can count on my hands the number of bad experiences I have had online over the years.  There is buyer protection for these experiences – as long as you act quickly and have an actual issue you should be fine.

That scratches the surface with my experiences as a vintage dealer buying for resale.


Vegan Fried Chick’n = Success!

Vegan Fried Chick’n – New Year’s Eve Meal
We decided to try this recipe from the awesome vegan cookbook  from Roberto Martin, the personal chef to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi – “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores”  https://www.facebook.com/VeganCookingForCarnivores
I prepared the dry ingredients as instructed, was missing garlic powder and skipped the tabasco sauce.  I then created the cashew cream which was super easy to do with our new Nutribullet.  My husband prepared the rice paper and I defrosted the “chick’n”, from there he wrapped each in rice paper and I coated each in the dry ingredients and cashew cream.   We used grapeseed oil to cook – our first batch ended up a bit burnt, I felt we had failed, but they still tasted amazing!  Second batch looked better and also tasted wonderful.
http://meatlessinthecity.com/2012/06/03/finger-lickin-fried-chickn/  You will find a good summary of the process and final product at the linked blog.   And also with this video with chef himself: