Workout 2014

As many of you across the nation are doing, I am trying to get into a fitness routine.  I am printing off schedules, buying punch cards and generally planning ahead for those days when the thrill wears off and I just want to stay home.  My will to work out has already been tested, my local fitness club ran a “beginner zumba” class this Sunday and I really felt this would be the best way to get acquainted.  Lo and behold the temperature was near 60 below windchill and the three block walk was a brisk one.  It was no help that it was also icy.  I felt good about what I accomplished at the class and ran back today.  I will always be 5-10 minutes late for these classes due to my teaching schedule, so I will likely always be on the periphery stumbling along.  My advice to you is to get to class early and situate yourself right behind the teacher – that is the view you want, not other zumba enthusiasts trying their best but not always hitting the right moves.  These first classes are rough, especially on the faster moves…will I catch on or do I need to video tape a class and watch in slow motion?  Only time will tell.  🙂  For myself, I think classes are best…left to my own devices I will not keep going at anything for longer than a half hour.  I am hoping to get to yoga, pilates and even a biking class.  Will this last?  By spring and summer I may not want to be indoors at all as I am sure the weather will be delightful.  While it is nice to have a routine, it is not all bad to break from routine, only to return to it with new fervor ..


4 thoughts on “Workout 2014

    • That is a relief to hear. The mambo moves and stepping behind (weaving with the feet) were super tricky. The instructor makes it look so easy! The cycling class is called “night ride” (BSC Wellness Center) and it is described as being like a night club…hahaha..if you’re ever in Mandan they offer first class free!

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