Why I sell vintage clothing

Vintage clothing is not easy to sell.  There is no quick and easy money in vintage items, unless you get super lucky, but you won’t always get lucky.  There is a definite learning curve and you have to invest your time to get to the knowledge which leads to the profit.  So why does anyone bother?  I’m sure there are many good reasons, here are mine:
1. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  It is exciting to pull a piece of vintage out of a place it is not appreciated and allow someone who will love it find it.
2. I wear and use vintage in my own life and want to share the experience with others.
3. I love learning the history of clothing and history of people.
4. Most of all I like the process of selling – from finding to cleaning to mending to photographing to measuring to describing to answering questions to finally packaging each item for its new home.  It is amazing how this is an outlet for my creativity, my love of organization and a bit of socializing.  I enjoy keeping records and preparing for taxes.



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