Crawling to Paradise

Crawling to Paradise…ND to Hawaii

I tried to get some sleep before leaving for the airport at 3am, but my attempt was futile.  The temp was brisk as we walked up to the doors, possibly below zero.  We shivered from the cold and the excitement.  Boarding the plane in ND was a breeze.  We arrived at Minneapolis and were greeted by what may have been our coldest airport experience.  Going down the jetway felt like walking through a deep freezer.  Now we arrived in SLC, toasty at around 40 degrees and beautiful.  This is where we took our first photo…our suffering was young.  🙂

Neck Pillows

These neck pillows are a must and are a common site at the airport.  We wore ours with pride.  The next flight to Honolulu was delayed approximately an hour.  On this flight I perused the SkyMall catalog and decided I needed one of everything.  The Delta video on safety was quite clever and kept me watching.  The couple in front of my husband and I put their seats back to full recline pretty early on.  Jerks.  Around four or five hours into the flight and turned to my sister and said “At this point, we merely exist”.  This was our view across the aisle:

Merely Exist

Long flights are not our thing.  We do not become immersed in books or movies-my attention span is too short.  I do not fall asleep and if I do my head bobs forward and wakes me or there is a loud ruckus.  We watched our flight on the screen in front of us counting down the hours and minutes.  Minutes became hours.  Finally after 6 hours and 34 minutes or so we arrived!!


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