Honolulu – Hilton Luxury

DSCF2021 DSCF2022 DSCF2023 DSCF2024 DSCF2020 DSCF2019 DSCF2016 DSCF2015 DSCF2014 DSCF2013 DSCF2012 DSCF2011 DSCF2010 DSCF2009 DSCF2008 DSCF2007 DSCF2006My day at the Hilton was ruled by food – Dinner at Fresco Italian Restaurant was outstanding.  See the first several photos – this upper level restaurant is spacious and can become open air when all the large windows are opened.  We were seated on the north side so were able to take in the entertainment at the luau on the lawn.  The staff was extremely friendly.  Nick had eggplant parmesan, his favorite.  I had tortellini with vegetables – the pesto used macadamia nuts.  It was verrrry rich, very tasty.  For dessert we had mango sorbet which was very flavorful and even fragrant.
Mid-day we snacked on fruit drinks at Lanakai Juice – fresh and local.  We’ll definitely be going back throughout our stay.  Our first meal took us back to the CJ New York Style Deli – this time I had one of their most popular items, pancakes with macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, strawberries and coconut cream as topping.
Other observations not related to the consumption of delicious foods: Most of the women strolling through the resort are very stylish.  The beach and lagoon area are very peaceful at night.  There is neat wildlife to be found throughout the resort – birds including ducks and macaws, turtles, penguins, koi fish.  The trees and flowers throughout are beautiful.


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