Visit to Polynesian Cultural Center

Visit to Polynesian Cultural Center – Pros & Cons
Pros: Beautiful lush environment – Cons: There is so much to see it is overwhelming, and so many people trying to see it.  It rained all day.
Pros: Great entertainment & very helpful staff.  Cons: I wonder if the staff aren’t overworked.  Our tour guide was also doing demonstrations and part of the evening entertainment.
Pros: Bountiful food – the hawaiian rolls and bread pudding are soo tasty.  Cons: They cook a pig and everyone runs to watch them bring it out of the underground oven.
Pros: Lots of talent in the form of dancing, music and humor.  I feel I learned quite a bit about the islands, our our tour bus played a video that really summed up the history well.

IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0363 IMG_0362 IMG_0360 IMG_0359 IMG_0354 IMG_0352 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0343 IMG_0342 IMG_0340 IMG_0339 IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0336 IMG_0335 DSCF2054 DSCF2053 DSCF2050 DSCF2049


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