Adventure on Hawaii Bus – Wrong Way

Today we visited Loving Hut in Honolulu   We loved the food and the message.  I had the “Rainbow Sandwich” in which cilantro, cucumbers, organic cashew pate, carrots, daikon and vegan mayo mingled with vegan ham to produce a fresh taste.  My sister had the “Supreme Soba” which was a special and not on their regular menu.  She found it satisfying and the vegetables well seasoned, but thought the noodles could have had more flavor – soy sauce may have been beneficial.  My husband had  the “Guru Curry” and found it to be quite nice and very filling.  The inclusion of taro probably makes this curry unique to Hawaii?DSCF2055 DSCF2056 DSCF2058 DSCF2059Everything about our trip to and from Loving Hut was anything but lovely, though.  First my sister’s phone navigation sent us in the wrong direction and we decided to catch a bus after going too far off track.  On our return trip we got on the wrong bus (how were we to know there were opposite routes for bus 2).  We ended up going through some tough areas and going the opposite direction all the way to the end of the line.  So finally we hopped on the bus going the right way toward Waikiki.  Lesson learned – buses are not always the quickest route from Point A to Point B.  We might just walk to our next destination, Peace Cafe which is in the same area.


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