Healthy Person – High Blood Pressure

“Healthy Person High Blood Pressure”  –  That is what I google as I try to figure out how to lower my blood pressure.  I eat lots of bananas, avocados and even pure dark chocolate as these are supposed to help.  I try to do meditation, but can only sit still for around 5 minutes.  My condition is part hereditary and perhaps part psychology – knowing you have high blood pressure certainly doesn’t lower your blood pressure.  Every time I have gone to the doctor over the years my blood pressure has skyrocketed in anticipation of having the results show high blood pressure.  I started taking my readings on a daily basis recently and find that the numbers are usually 10-20 above average.  I drink more water, hearing this clears salt from the body.  And its good for overall health.  I am active, never sitting still and fairly young at 32 years old. I give lisinopril a try on Easter day.  After two doses, this wreaks havoc – I have a case of digestive distress so severe I decide this is not the drug for me and am simply happy to be alive.  Today I try bystolic, we will see if there are any severe side effects.  It is $40 more expensive each month, but worth it based on the info I find through google.


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