Storyteller Vintage

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a story being told in my head.  In my earliest years I laid out all my crayons and organized them by size and color, imagining them to be in line at school.  I drew endless pictures of people as I made up ongoing story lines about them.  My barbie collection was involved in these drawings and had very detailed, interwoven stories involving their days at an orphanage.  I can remember many of their names, nationalities and styles.  During my years in piano lessons I began a personal story, pretending to be a piano teacher who gave lessons on tv.   As a child I believed I would become an artist, or art teacher but after high school gave up my artistic pursuits completely.  Without the backing stories I tended to become bored with art.  Using a ruler to create lines, measuring the distance between eyes, negative space…it wasn’t what I was after.  Fast forward to my mid twenties when I stumbled into buying and selling vintage clothing.  Suddenly I had a story to tell again – each vintage dress became  a chance to create a character.  I teach piano lessons but not on television.  In what ways has your life mirrored your childhood fantasies?

Vintage Nurse


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