Henna Hair Dye Review

Update!  After using the LUSH henna dye for a while, I felt I would like a darker, richer color.  
I found: http://www.hennahut.com/hair_dye and purchased the burgundy shade of Harvest Moon.  The bag of henna powder arrived so fast I was amazed…this henna product does have some do’s and don’ts you’ll want to read and do peruse the website they have lots of info and a forum.  Leading up to applying the powder they recommend against using leave in conditioners, hair straighteners, etc.  You mix the powder with warm water, no need to boil, no grating…easily applied with a dye brush, and will not stain your face (fingers will be stained though as they don’t produce oil..mine looked pretty orange as I wasn’t careful).  Leave on for an hour, rinse out until the water runs clear and do not shampoo..and voila!  My hair was pretty much as bright and dark as if I’d used chemical dye, so I am impressed.  They say it should last 2 weeks to 8 months, I don’t think I’ll mind reapplying as it is a conditioning treatment that is healthy for the hair.  Here is what my hair looks like freshly hennaed with “burgundy” from Henna Hut:
henna hut

Henna Hair Dye Review


I hope you can see in the pictures two women who are happy with their new hair color.  My friend and I were getting tired of putting chemicals on our heads for the sake of keeping our hair color looking fresh.  And as someone who has used various shades of red dye I can tell you the results would never last, even using sulfate free shampoos and spending most of my time indoors, the color would fade.  It was so disappointing, loving my newly dyed hair and within weeks seeing the effort and expense go to waste.  We wanted something that would be healthier for us and for our hair – and so I began to google henna for hair and perused countless reviews.  I found LUSH’s line of henna dyes- they have the traditional red, as well as chestnut, brown and black.  I purchased the RED, my friend got the BLACK.  The process for using the dye was pretty simple – LUSH’s henna comes in a block form, you break off an appropriate number of squares for your hair length – for me that was just 2 of the 6 squares.  I used a grater to grind up the squares and added hot water – my friend kindly applied the mixture to my head and it was maybe 15 minutes and I was ready to wrap my hair in plastic and wait for the color to process.  After a few hours I rinsed my hair under the faucet – the henna comes out gritty and sand like – this cleaning took me about 10 minutes, then I used shampoo and conditioner.  My hair still felt a bit like there was something extra in it…I awoke in the middle of the night, looked in the mirror and saw very bright orange hair and scalp.  This seems to be normal, the color takes a day or two to settle to its destination.  The nice thing really is that your hair will be healthier after using the henna – my hair feels thicker and has more shine.  I highly recommend doing your research – check out the link to LUSH’s hennas or google henna hair color to find more information.



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