I owe my marriage to 90s hard rock

anniversary 10th

I owe my marriage to 90s hard rock – in 1998 or so my brother and I got an electric guitar for Christmas. Yes we shared it.  I knew we were getting a guitar for Christmas when I heard Smoke on the Water being plucked out from the closet where Mom was keeping gifts before the big day.  We had a Metallica tab songbook and lots of sheets we’d printed off the internet, the internet being brand new to us at the time.  I was tackling Stairway to Heaven, The Ocean, and more.  We knew we needed help to get to Kirk Hammett or Jimmy Page level so we called someone we knew who played guitar, Nick.  He would come over and listen to us play from our tablature.  My brother’s skills really improved when he used his ear to find Jimi Hendrix songs…I stuck with chords and strumming.  We also got a drumset and both tried to learn that but in time I realized my talents were at the piano.  We were asked to provide special music for church; I would play piano and Nick and my brother would play guitars…little did the church know they were once listening to a Metallica ballad.

Fast forward to 1999 Nick and I began dating and the rest is history.  Our shared love of hard rock and music in general brought us together.  We were married in 2005 and today marks 10 years of happy marriage and music.


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