Vintage Goth Parade


30's Art Deco Compact Modernistic Geometric Gothic Vintage 1931 Gatsby Flappper Perfume Compacts French Houbigant Vanity Case Beauty Compact

Vintage 1980's goth pointed // witch skinny fit patent leather boots

1900's Antique Black Silk Dress Edwardian Dress Pleated Silk Lace Handmade Dress Antique Clothing Sheer Lace Dress MB

Dark gray grey pearl drop silver earrings - Edwardian - Neo Victorian - Art Deco - Great Gatsby fashion - Daisy Buchanan style

Vintage Gothic black pulled textured dress with malleable Edwardian style Collar and cuffs

Sexy Vintage Black Lace Goth Bed Jacket Negligee Lingerie Nighty Sheer Nightie Gothic Burlesque Boudoir Sexy Wedding Night Honeymoon Cape

Vintage 80s - Oxblood Leather Edwardian Goth Boots - 6/6.5 - Peter Fox

Stunning vtg 60s YOUNG EDWARDIAN satin mini dress // long fringe tassle sleeves // appliqué detail

Vintage 1910 Edwardian Black Silk and Leather High Top Louis Heeled Dress Boots Gibson Girl Lace Up Downton Abbey Size 7 Wearable Steampunk

SALE... Edwardian Black Dress . 1910 Floral Antique . XS

Vintage Gothic Black Velveteen Bridal Purse Evening Bag Wristlet Beaded Velvet Victorian Style Mourning Purse Hand Bag Antique Fashion Beads

Steampunk Pin Silver Spider Brooch Vintage Movement Rustic Primitive Antique Gothic Victorian Gothic Brooch Metal Spider Pin

Steampunk Faux Bullet Earrings, Steampunk Earrings, Art Deco Earrings, Edwardian Style, Black Earrings, Brass Earrings, Goth Earrings

Vintage Victorian Black Mourning Gothic Brooch Pin or Pendant.   Very bold and elegant.

14" Wide Black French Lace Victorian Style Lace Bridal Lace Antique Style Lace Black Lace Trim Victorian Costume Made in France JM21

Vintage Mini Dress Black Velvet Goth Boho Hippie Mod Go Go XS


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Storyteller Vintage

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a story being told in my head.  In my earliest years I laid out all my crayons and organized them by size and color, imagining them to be in line at school.  I drew endless pictures of people as I made up ongoing story lines about them.  My barbie collection was involved in these drawings and had very detailed, interwoven stories involving their days at an orphanage.  I can remember many of their names, nationalities and styles.  During my years in piano lessons I began a personal story, pretending to be a piano teacher who gave lessons on tv.   As a child I believed I would become an artist, or art teacher but after high school gave up my artistic pursuits completely.  Without the backing stories I tended to become bored with art.  Using a ruler to create lines, measuring the distance between eyes, negative space…it wasn’t what I was after.  Fast forward to my mid twenties when I stumbled into buying and selling vintage clothing.  Suddenly I had a story to tell again – each vintage dress became  a chance to create a character.  I teach piano lessons but not on television.  In what ways has your life mirrored your childhood fantasies?

Vintage Nurse

Healthy Person – High Blood Pressure

“Healthy Person High Blood Pressure”  –  That is what I google as I try to figure out how to lower my blood pressure.  I eat lots of bananas, avocados and even pure dark chocolate as these are supposed to help.  I try to do meditation, but can only sit still for around 5 minutes.  My condition is part hereditary and perhaps part psychology – knowing you have high blood pressure certainly doesn’t lower your blood pressure.  Every time I have gone to the doctor over the years my blood pressure has skyrocketed in anticipation of having the results show high blood pressure.  I started taking my readings on a daily basis recently and find that the numbers are usually 10-20 above average.  I drink more water, hearing this clears salt from the body.  And its good for overall health.  I am active, never sitting still and fairly young at 32 years old. I give lisinopril a try on Easter day.  After two doses, this wreaks havoc – I have a case of digestive distress so severe I decide this is not the drug for me and am simply happy to be alive.  Today I try bystolic, we will see if there are any severe side effects.  It is $40 more expensive each month, but worth it based on the info I find through google.

It’s too cold for you here

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather –
Love this song. Listening to it over and over. So evocative. I have spring fever…finally we’re out of the deep freeze and those palm trees in the video are beautiful. I have been thinking a lot about moving south during this cold weather.

Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes

‘VCAT- Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes’ by JolenesVintage

Spring is right around the corner! It’s time to inject some vintage style and charm into your warm weather wardrobe!

Vintage 50s Hat 1950s Tilt H…


Maxi Dress Vintage 70’s …


Vintage Pink and Goldtone Le…


Vintage 90s Dress Full Skirt…


Vintage 1960s J. Press Seers…


Vintage 1980s Necklace Flowe…


Dress Vintage 70s 80s Water…


Vintage 1980s Dress 1940s St…


Vintage Tangerine Orange 100…


Vintage 60s 70s dress Sherma…


Vintage 1990s Wood Platform …


Vintage Gingham Dress 1970s …


Vintage VANITY FAIR Robe Red…


Vintage Floral Hat 60s 50s L…


60s 70s Vintage Large Pink G…


Vintage Cello Straw Wide Bri…


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