Pop of Color – Vintage for Spring and Summer

vintage color

vintage colors


Vintage – Better than costume

Vintage - Better than Costume
This Halloween, why not skip the cheap flimsy store bought costume and opt instead for something quality, such as a vintage dress? It will retain its value for decades to come as long as you care for it and keep it safe. A vintage dress or other piece of clothing can be worn at any time, so it goes above and beyond costume. I have over 1,000 options for you to peruse: https://www.etsy.com/shop/soulrust

Vintage Delicate Sheer Dresses

How to wear Vintage Sheer Dresses
Feminine & Delicate – I think a retro heel and hat is magical with a sheer dress – you can evoke the 1930s while wearing a dress from the 70s and 80s.
Sheer means its time to find a full slip or half slip and camisole.  Jaunty & Carefree – It would also be cute to wear ankle boots or tall boots to toughen the look up a bit.
For my height I think it is better to do a dainty shoe, but those with height could pull off a boot. Sheer Vintage Dresses

What to wear – Vintage Valentines

Vintage for ValentinesI am not the kind of person who makes a big deal out of Valentines, but I do think it is a great opportunity to dress up a bit.  Wear a dress, nice shoes, a hat, jewelry or lingerie that makes you feel special.  Search for pink or red in my shop, or search “romantic” and I think you will find inspiration.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/soulrust