Vintage Clothing – Spring isn’t so far away!

I feel I have some very exciting vintage on the way – even though it is most definitely winter and will be such for months to come, I am photographing spring items, even swimsuits and summer dresses.  I will preview and post as I list  See what is already listed here



MORE Vegetarian Restaurant Dining – ND

This morning the vegetarian options I forgot to include yesterday started to flood my mind. These are the ones I don’t do as frequently, or just haven’t enjoyed as recently.  They are strong options for vegetarians, vegans may need to ask to skip the cheese, mayo, etc.

The Walrus
I really hate that I missed this one on the first list because the food is so good usually and I really like the lively atmosphere.  “The Green Thumb” is a top pick.  Checking their menu I can’t believe its only $8.99!  “Sautéed artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, sugar snap peas, squash, onion, fresh spinach and feta with pesto aioli on grilled flatbread.”  I have also had their delicious hummus and love their Mediterranean Pizza.  All topped off with a cherry pepsi.  🙂

MacKenzie River Pizza
This one is more of a surprising choice – they have the most excellent “Green Horn Veggie Wrap” -Avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, sprouts, provolone and pesto mayo wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Very satisfying.  My husband gets their pizza with the faux meat, but they do have a veggie pizza.  For myself I don’t think I would care for the pizza, I am very attached to the Green Horn.

Sonnets Sandwiches
Known for their breads as an offshoot of Bread Poets, they have now perfected the sandwich at Sonnets.  
“Garden Dakota” Lettuce, Red Onion, Cucumbers, Greek Hummus, Avocado, Carrots, Sprouts, Provolone.

I also want to include a couple recommendations I have been messaged and tweeted: 
Kobe’s – delicious avocado/peanut sushi rolls and green peace roll.
Northside Market – the hummus sandwich – will need to try this!

I know Lucky Ducks has their Wood Duck which is vegetarian.  Pirogue has an ever changing menu which often has something for vegetarians and is always top notch.  Even Krolls has a veggie wrap and Dennys had a nice veggie item the last time I was there. Places that I find difficult as everything seems to include meat are: Space Aliens, Applebees, Ground Round, Red Lobster and of course the steakhouses.  Sure you can ask them to take out the meat, but they might forget and then what have you accomplished?  🙂

Vegetarian and Vegan Eating at Restaurants – ND

As promised I am going to summarize some of the best places to find Vegan and Vegetarian foods in Bismarck and Mandan ND!  There are other choices I am sure, but these are the ones that came to mind in a hurry:

Rice Bowl, Mandan ND
Top 100 U.S. Chinese restaurant known for its egg rolls.  For vegetarians I would recommend the egg foo young.  For vegans there is their crispy tofu and sauteed broccoli.

Fireflour Pizza, Bismarck ND
I love Fireflour Pizza – they are fairly new, but I have probably had their pizza more times than any other pizza.  I always get the “saucy”- – crushed tomato, fresh garlic, sea salt, sicilian oregano, calabrian chili oil, basil leaf.  All of their pizzas are ridiculously fresh and tasty.  They also have amazing fresh salads and some desserts.  Their waiters are very attentive and excited about their product.  I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Fireflour.

BC Bagels, Bismarck ND
I crave their “Avocado Avenue”- avocado, sprouts, and onion chive cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel.  My husband loves the faux meat strips (stripels?  I can’t remember what they are called).  Very nice smoothies also.

HuHot Mongolian Grill – Bismarck, ND
You decide what goes in your dish here – I tend to load up on tomatoes, black beans, noodles, and veggies.  To season I use garlic oil and ginger, but there are many other options.

Qdoba, Bismarck ND
Tacos, burritos,  etc – for my vegan taste I go with Vegetarian Gumbo – very satisfying and tasty.

Pita Pit, Bismarck ND
Great addition to Bismarck – there is a lot of choose from on their menu.  Spicy black bean, falafel and hummus are top choices for vegetarians.

The Harvest, Mandan ND and Station West, Mandan ND
Don’t be fooled by “the grill” part of these fine restaurants’ titles- there is vegan food here also!  The Harvest serves sandwiches and pastries at lunch time – Their “garden harvest” sandwich boasts pesto, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, tomato.  I also order “the elf” WITHOUT ham – this sandwich uses sweet potato spread and pecans – yum!  Station West does burgers and chicken sandwiches, but any sandwich can substitute homemade black bean patty.

Paradiso, Bismarck ND
This restaurant actually has a vegetarian menu – wow!
I have enjoyed their veggie burrito and look forward to trying their other items.

Taco del Mar, Bismarck ND
Quick and easy Mexican vegetarian option.

Even MORE vegetarian dining options here:

Why I can’t sell…

I was feeling good about some of my vintage 1970s items I’d pinned to a Hippie and Bohemian board on pinterest.  They had gotten a few likes and been repinned a handful of times.  My items were being seen and appreciated – wow!  Then I browsed the rest of the board and realized most of the other items had been repinned hundreds of times.  Ouch.  Nothing like comparison to curb my feeling of accomplishment.   Most of the other photos used professional models, professional photographers, etc.  Sure I could see where they were more visually appealing…but the clothing was also different…most of it was the modern take on the hippie look…sexier and “cooler” than anything in my shop.  Does anyone actually want authentic vintage?  I was starting to have my doubts.

My Etsy shop is in its fourth year and it has not been a growing year.  I have hit a plateau as I watch other sellers just starting out take off with great enthusiasm.    The hardest thing about running my own business is not figuring out how to sell, it is figuring out if I want to do what it seems to take to sell.   I don’t think I want to make the changes necessary.  I don’t want to sell reproductions.  I don’t want to sell cheaper items.  I don’t want to hire models with legs longer than my entire body and also hair longer than my entire body and eyes as dead as stones.  I don’t want to run endless sales with prices slashed.  I just want to share my love of vintage with real people – so that is what I will do – I will continue to offer true vintage shown on models who you can relate to.  I don’t think vintage is only for young people, or tall people or super skinny people or people with perfect skin and hair.  It is for everyone who appreciates it.

Quilted Hippie Maxi Dress

Romance of 1970s Vintage Dresses

1970s Romantic Dresses

While I may delve into other eras and certainly love discovering  and learning about every era of fashion history, I will always think of the 1970s as the foundation on which I build my vintage fashion self.  That is where it all started, as when I first began wearing vintage the 1970s was the most accessible – it was in style in the 90s (not particularly in style where I was living at the time, but I was more of a trend setter anyway) and I could find these pieces easily as they were what my aunts and mother had.  My Etsy shop is bursting with the 70s – in particular bursting with the romantic pieces.  Gunne Sax, Candi Jones, Peggy Barker, prairie dress, dresses harking back to the Edwardian and Victorian eras.  The 70s was a great time for looking back – I have had some really neat 70s does 40s and 70s does 50s also.  Anyway, searching for 1970s in my shop I find around 400 items so there is likely something for everyone!  The dresses I have pictured are a bit on the formal side but there are of course more casual cotton dresses also in simpler styles.   If you are looking for something specific or need sizing information please contact me!

Vegan & Vegetarian Food Favorites 2013

I am fast approaching a solid year since my big life decision to go vegetarian.  I can say for certain it has been the best decision I have ever made as it has actually changed me in so many great ways.  The way I think about everything has changed.  I think about the pros and cons of things more than ever.  I think about why I do what I do and whether it is worthwhile.  My thinking is clear.  Anyway, today I want to share a few of the many great foods I have discovered since quitting meat – foods I would never have discovered if I’d just kept going with the flow.

Daiya Products = I really hadn’t thought about going vegan but a friend recommended these dairy substitutes and I thought “what do I have to lose”.  Holy COW!  😉  What I should have thought is “What do I have to gain?”  Flavorrrrr!  SO much good gooey flavor in these faux cheeses.  Husband uses them artfully in his enchiladas. Along with a mix of quinoa and wild rice, black beans and tomatoes and verde green enchilada sauce. It is sheer heaven.  Just give these products a try – they are gluten/soy/dairy free and 100% yummy.

Manjula’s Kitchen – Indian Vegetarian Recipes = This has been my first experience with authentic Indian food and I am amazed!  Why does my city not have any Indian restaurants??  The spices used and blended…this is comfort food for me.  I love lentils.  My friends cooked the tomato chutney and I swear I had never tasted anything so flavorful and filling.

Coconut Yogurt.  Coconut Oil for Cooking.  Coconut Milk.  Flax Milk.  This stuff puts regular milk to shame.  😉  I use Good Karma Flax Milk Vanilla – very smooth.  I have used almond milk but find it a bit too nutty for my personal taste.  I am allergic to soy milk.
You can make a delicious ice cream substitute using bananas and almond milk.  Just freeze the banana and blend with the almond milk, very easy.  Add peanut butter for extra flavor.

Finally, for quick and easy and satisfying I rely on Amy’s Kitchen burritos.

I am likely missing something, this is off the top of my head.  I will have to make another post to note the great vegetarian food I have enjoyed while eating at restaurants.  I hope you’ll give these foods a try – I wouldn’t share them if they weren’t good!

Dearest Modern Clothing complaints

My arms are tired and heavy, my back hurts and motivation is at zero right along with the current temperature, so thought I’d check in with a list of complaints for modern clothing manufacturers.  🙂
1. In addition to being tired and heavy, my arms are not pretzel rods.  They have shape and form and substance.  Please allow room in the sleeves of shirts and blouses for my arms to move and flex.  There is nothing worse than putting on a shirt and have it all twisted and bunched around my arms.  Well, putting on a sweater and having it do that might be worse.
2. Maybe its just because I am so darn short, but I also find the length of many modern cardigans a bit much. Especially when they button all the way to the bottom hem.  Usually I let the cardigan naturally ride up above my waist rather than allowing it to its actual placement.  I do appreciate the modern twist though of having sweaters and tops shorter in front and longer in back – a stylish take on modesty!
3. There are few stores selling jeans for the shorter person.  I tend to go to Aeropostale for their short jeans.  I appreciate being able to go to the juniors section, but think the misses section should have SOME selection for short persons and those in the true XS range.
4. Finally let’s talk about comfort, as that is how I feel most people dress these days, in the pursuit of comfort.  In the winter I want a sweater to be warm and plush, but not scratchy.  Keep this in mind clothing manufacturers and avoid materials that turn into steel wool after a few washes.  In the summer I want to be cool and comfortable so I see no reason to continue making summer style clothing that involves long sleeves or skinny fit.  Ha!

What is your pet peeve when it comes to clothing?


The holidays in vintage

The holidays in vintage


       Holidays done vintage style.  Choose a rich color – shades of green and red featured here.  Keep warm with a fluffy sweater or shrug or take it outside with a vintage coat or jacket.  The 50s or 60s styles are quite appropriate, but you could always think outside the box and go with something funky from the 70s.  Or sport a rare treasure from the 40s or earlier!  Make the holidays your own!
Contact me here if you have something specific in mind – I am happy to help!

Vintage Jewelry – Beautiful Variety

Vintage Jewelry
 Each piece of vintage jewelry has a story and personality.  You may not be feeling particularly festive but put on a sparkly pin and your mood might just brighten.  You may be feeling gloomy as winter’s darker days and colder temps overshadow your life, but add bright color or pieces inspired by nature and you may almost be cured.  🙂  It takes little effort but you never know what vintage jewelry will do for you!  Find these pieces and so much more at my Etsy shop!